Tile machinery       
Glaze preparation and glazing

Si suddividono in:
  1. Glaze preparation system
  2. Glazing lines

Discontinuous mills for glaze grinding

Discontinuous mills for glaze grinding


Welko, thanks to the presence in its group of  I.C.F. located at  Maranello (Modena), can offer machines and accessories for the complete treatment of the glazes: batching, dissolving, grinding, sieving and final storing processes..

The production range includes:

  • Row materials batching and weighting system
  • Alsing mills for glaze milling
  • Stirrers, tanks, screens and pumps for transferring glaze



+ Business Partners

Jointly with its Business Partners, Welko is in a position to suplly complete glazing lines including:
    Glazing lines

    Glazing lines

  • Transfer lines complete of motovariator group and service piping
  • Curves
  • Flow regulators
  • Brushes
  • Fans
  • Weigting cabins
  • Fettling groups for glazes and biscuite tiles
  • Disk booth
  • Spry gun cabin
  • Bell shaped glazing group
  • Compensator
    - gride
    - bar
    - wing
  • Printing machine
  • Tank with stirrers for glazes
  • Tile turner
  • Mechanical breaking load tester
  • Electric plants

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