Table-ware machinery       
Details of "HPR Series" press


The HPR 600 is a six hundred Tons press ( 600 Tons – 5.88 MN).

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  • The press consists of two high thickness steel standards on which pressing force discharge itself from the crossbeam and cylinder.
  • The movable crossbeam, which supports pressing punches, moves forward on special high precision prismatic slide guides.
  • The moulds, based on a unique concept, are made of special steel and allow the production of tableware of different shapes (square, round, hexagonal, octagonal as well as other forms) and size.
  • The steel dies are rubber coated on their working surface to prevent sticking. It is also possible to use special isostatic punches.
  • After pressing, the moulds open and the items and pieces pressed detach from the punches and are received by a special take-off conveyor.
  • The pieces, produced with our moulds, have rounded edges allowing the multi-station fettling machine to make only a simple finishing. Thus reducing production loss during fettling to a minimum.


All movable parts are driver by a hydraulic circuit and controlled by an electronic panel.

Electro-valves and hydraulic logic elements being the best brand names. As a  matter of fact we use proportional control valves with feedback commands that can improve the coordination of positioning and timing of the die filling, pressing and ejection.

Electronic control panel
All the electronic devices are controlled by means of a computer:

  • Control of speed and positioning by a modulated signal system that directly pilots valves with feedback commands
  • Control of pressing force by means of pressure sensor and a positioning device
  • Electronic control of cycle
  • Automatic thickness control and regulation
  • Memorization on floppy disk of the most interesting and relevant information (i.e.: “regulation recipes”, ordinary maintenance, production statistic data, alarms).

Oil filtering is ensured by a pump/filter group. Oil cooling achieved via heat exchanger (by water) complete with electro-valve.

The hydraulic unit, piping and steel blocks, inside the machine, can be made soundproof.

The machine complies with all the securities established by the European regulations.

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