Table-ware machinery       


The HPR 600 is a press conceived for the production of tableware by dry processing. The HPR 600 can produce items

  • in a various range of shapes and sizes
  • with different body compositions, going from earthenware to porcelain
  • at consistently lower manufacturing costs.

In comparison with traditional shaping process, pressing of spray dried powders, at a low humidity rate, provides remarkable advantages, such as:

    Press HPR 600
  • Elimination of plaster moulds
  • Possible easily production of special shapes (i.e..: square, hexagonal, oval, etc.)
  • Less tension in the structure of the material
  • Constant flatness
  • Immediate mechanical resistance which allows manipulation even with advanced automation
  • Simultaneous production of 2 or more pieces
  • Flexibility  in the productive range thanks to a rapid change of punches in the die set by means of a highly performing  and safe system featuring magnetic fastening (permanent magnet system)
  • Use of atomized powder with posture from 3 to 6%

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