Tile machinery       
Handling and storage

Rack loading-unloading machines
Rack loading-unloading machines


+ Business Partners

Jointly with its Business Partners, Welko can also supply handling and storage lines including

  1. Rack loading and unloading machines
  2. Racks
  3. Suction cups machines for the tile pick-up and placement operations
  4. Loading and unloading roller systems for kiln
  5. Storage of fired material

AGV/LGV System

Our handling lines can also be equipped with the AGV or LGV systems that are based on a battery powered truck for the transportation and storage of boxes and pallets which moves autonomously in any direction on the floor of the production area without tracks, barrier fences, pushing bars.

Rack moved by AGV system
Rack moved by AGV system
A computer controls the traffic of the various vehicles based on programmed routes (the call signals from the various loading and unloading stations, mission assignment, traffic control at route intersections, the return of the vehicle to the battery charging station).

The main advantages of this system are:

- Floors are left totally flat and free of any fixed installation: the entire floor surface can be used by any wheeled vehicle and is safe for pedestrian
- Straight and curved routes can be installed in any direction: the storage and loading/unloading stations can be located anywhere in the production area to allow optimal use of the available space
- The system is extremely versatile: subsequent modifications or extensions require only the installation of the sensor guide-net in the floor, all the other aspects can be programmed by the computer

The AGV transporter is equipped with a safety system which continually monitors the area surrounding the vehicle to avoid all possibility of collision.

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