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The sorting lines offered by Welko, in cooperation with a Business Partner, are completely automatic and can be programmed by an industrial PC with LCD display.

Automatic sorting line

Automatic sorting line

The statistical data on production, auto-diagnostic data and control logic of the line are entrusted to a V.M.E. system composed of a PC and input/output boards.

The line is able to supply statistical information on the production and on error condition occurred, via the remote terminal with subdivision of the date, hour and type of error.

Each handling is achieved with the help of stepper motors controlled in couples by drivers especially devised for this kind of automation. This ensures a precise control over the speed and position of the ceramic product with no need for retroaction, encoders or speed detectors.

The absence of mechanical transmissions allows minor wear and need of maintenance and ensures a perfect machine flexibility and absolute synchronization of the parts that must move together.

This type of motorization allows to obtain a lower energy consumption and asks for no maintenance.

The motor speed and torque are adjusted according to the production to be achieved and to the product size: all this enables to use the sorting line potentialities in the best way and to handle the sorted material with the utmost care.

Two row sorting table

Two row sorting table

All the outlets are equipped with self-diagnosis to promptly signal any malfunctioning.

The ejection system (patented) is particularly interesting. With this system, the tile is ejected by four electronically controlled pneumatic cylinders that regulate the inclination of the tile and place it gently on the underlying stack with the aid of motor-driven rubber rollers, which ensures perfect squaring of the stack and limits noise pollution considerably.

The stackers are double-chained and operate continuously. While one stack of tiles moves downwards toward the traveling lift on the first chain, a new stack begins to be formed on the second one. This provides faster handling of the production cycle and ensures adjustment to the required productivity.

The traveling lift consists of two independent chains with step-by-step motorization, which constantly guarantees an optimum support surface for the stack of tiles.

Size change is completely automatic and can be set at the terminal.

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