Det Norske Veritas - Quality System Certificate       
Certificate DNV

DET NORSKE VERITAS - Quality System Certificate
Certificate No. CERT-02223-97-AQ-MIL-SINCERT

This certify that the quality system of
Via Milano, 18/20 - 26016 Spino d'Adda (CR) - Italy

conforms to the quality management systems standard
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (ISO 9001:2000)

This certificate is valid of the following product or services:
Design, manufacture, sale, installation, startup and assistance of machinery and complete lines for the ceramic industry

Place and date: Agrate Brianza, (MI) 2003-11-03
First issue date: 1997-10-13

SINCERT SGQ registration n. 003 A

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