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    A new line for the production of 7,000 m2/day monoporous ceramic tile and the extension of the existing one : FAIENCERIES ALGERIENNES ceramics confirms once again the validity of WELKO plants and technology.
    The new investment will allow a production increase of 10,000 m2/day by the installation of a very new roller kiln, WFR series, 2,830 mm wide and 126 m. long, the extension of an existing kiln, four 2,800 t. presses of the latest WK series with relevant dryers, mills for the preparation of slip, a spray-dryer, a parking system and relevant glazing lines.
    The technologic contribution that WELKO will put at disposal of the ceramic factory will be substantial and it will allow a considerable evolution in both technical and quality field of the product.
    The plant is starting to run by the end of this year.
    JALARAM (India) has chosen WELKO to update its plants.
    Among the major producers in India, Jalaram has recently widened its productive capacity and typology by installing a WK2 press of 4600 t. and 2,250 mm wide, a kiln of the new WFR series and 138 m. long, a modern parking and a special line of glazing and salt application for the production of vitrified ceramic stoneware.
    The plant, presently on a steady state, produces 6,000 m2/day of big sizes, once again pointing out how the use of WELKO technology and its new WK2 two-piston presses is a guarantee of quality and reliability in the long run.
    CERPA SL, a primary firm in the area of Castellon (Spain), has re-confirmed its trust in WELKO : the present production lines made by WELKO shall be shortly flanked by a very modern roller kiln for the production of single-fired and vitrified stoneware tiles in the different typologies and sizes.
    The kiln, 105 m. long and 2,830 mm wide, shall be equipped with the most modern control systems of temperature and motion; thanks to the recent innovations set up by the technical and product development Welko staff, the machine, already belonging to the latest kiln generation, will represent a further evolution and will be equipped with solutions able to increase versatility, efficiency and reliability.
  • 01/03/2005 - NEW HORIZONTAL 5-LEVEL DRYER:
    In its modernization program of thermic machines, WELKO has recently set up and tested a very modern thermic machine to dry pressed and extruded ceramic products in big thicknesses.
    The 5-roller-level in motion Dryer is featured by an excellent flexibility combined with a perfect control not only of the temperature but of the moisture inside the channels as well.
    The motion systems of the five levels are independent so as to change the working cycles of formats, thicknesses and sizes.
    The dryer is made up of various flanked modules (each module is 2100 mm long); each one of these modules is equipped with the following:
    N° 1 re-circulation fan
    N° 1 burner with automatic adjustment
    N° 1 adjustment thermocouple
    N° 1 series of piping for air inlet over and under the tiles
    N° 1 exhausted air suction system
    N° 1 dry air restoration.
    The last modules are provided with a cooling and heating system, allowing to control and keep the temperature of the material constant both in the case of empty spaces and of stop of the unloading line.
    The thermic capacity of the burners installed in each module ranges from 75,000 to 300,000 kCal/each according to cycles and dryer width, whereas the power of re-circulation fans ranges from 5.5 to 11.0 kW per element.
    The motion system is of the same kind as the kiln : geared, without any need for lubrication, for a traction able to handle important thicknesses and weights.
    The new and very modern WELKO plant for the production of 7,000 m2/day of vitrified stoneware ceramic tile is in course of installation at MARAZZI works in Malino, Russia.
    The plant avails itself of the latest Picasso technology, which will allow MARAZZI to assail the Russian market by a variety of products, up-to-date in the field.
    The plant is made up of : a continuous mill of 65000 l., two spray-dryers, a system of movable silos, two WK2 presses of 4600 t. in width 2250 mm., two fully equipped PICASSO Systems, two 3-channel dryers of 18.9 m., two glazing lines, a storage system, a very modern roller kiln of 113 m. and an automatic sorting department with palletizer.
    At the same time, the laboratory of TECNOGRAFICA-WELKO in Castellarano (Reggio Emilia) has already set up the development of the new products which will be the basis of PICASSO production : WELKO reveals itself to be the ideal partner being able to accompany the customer towards the best solutions of plant engineering, technology and production.
    PICASSO has been started up at Ceramica Ariana, ABK Group, in Castellarano.
    The system, made up of one WK2 2-piston 3500 t. press in width 2250 mm and one PICASSO equipped with three robots and a technologic tower for preparation and feeding of powders, has become operative.
    The first products in different sizes, including 500 x 500 mm and 600 x 600 mm, had already been introduced with a remarkable success at Rimini 2004 fair and have created the starting basis for the development of other winning product typologies on the market.
    By this investment, the Group intends to differ thanks to the huge possibilities and productive flexibility that the system permits.
    The development of the products takes constantly place in cooperation with TECNOGRAFICA WELKO, the company that has been created on purpose to give the technologic graphic support to the ceramic factories which want to differ with new graphic and aesthetic effects.
    On January 21st, 2005, new products obtained by PICASSO system have been introduced in Castellarano (RE).
    Inside the splendid castle in Castellarano, TECNOGRAFICA WELKO has presented a series of new products obtained thanks to the experience of TECNOGRAFICA and the technology of PICASSO system, worked out and set up by WELKO.
    The products have been obtained at the laboratories of Tecnografica Welko in Castellarano, where a fully-equipped PICASSO system, a WK2 press, 2-piston, 2250 mm wide, 3500 t., a single-channel dryer and a glazing line permit to develop new graphic and technical effects.
    Great has been the interest by the manufacturers and traders in the field, increasingly addressed to the search of a technology which allows, easily and with great flexibility, to get new typologies that are able to raise the product quality and to identify the producer in a market where it is more and more difficult to distinguish oneself and create one’s own image.
    Marbles, granites, natural stones, in different sizes, have been presented beside natural products, once again exalting WELKO’s and TECNOGRAFICA’s ability to acquire the clients’ trust.
  • 10/01/2005 - WELKO PRESSES ALSO POTS & PANS:
    In January 2005 successfully started production, at the Bialetti workshop - Rondine di Coccaglio (Brescia) - the first 5200 ton press in the world manufacturing aluminium pots & pans. The machine, with its 6 m structure height, represents a further evolution of the range WK and WK2, the already well tested press with single or double pistons to manufacture ceramic tiles. The presses WK and WK2 come in different models, from 1500 to 7200 tons with a free clearance between posts up to 2500 mm.
    Latest achievement, after the 6300 ton. and 7200 ton/2500 mm free clearance, the 3500 ton/2500 mm free clearance provides maximum productivity where high tonnage is not requested.
    Once more Welko confirms its capacity and willingness to provide personal customized service to its clients.

    » Technical characteristics

  • 22/12/2004 - WELKO - WIDE JUMBO PRESSES SERIES WK2: The mission of research and product innovation pursued by Welko has found a further and important recognition with the acquisition of the order by MALAYSIAN MOSAICS BERHAD, Kluang Johor - Malaysia, for the supply of a few 2piston presses. The supply consists of medium and high tonnage WK2 presses for the production of technical granite or porcelain ceramic tiles of large sizes up to 900x900 mm. In particular, to be delivered are 2 WK2 3500 tons and 2 WK2 6300 tons presses, both models featuring a span between columns of 2500 mm. Thanks to the double piston technology, the machines series WK2, beside the considerable performance reliability, combine high productivity to pressure constancy to achieve the maximum homogeneity of the pressed material both in thickness and in the even distribution of the specific pressure on the mould. This combination is particularly appreciated by the WK2 current users, as the many installations already in operation in India, Italy, China and Russia clearly represent.

  • 20/09/2004 - WELKO IS BACK AGAIN IN GERMANY: The validity of the new firing and fast-drying technologies by WELKO have been acknowledged. In cooperation with SYSTEM SpA, Sassuolo, a plant for the production of 2,500 sq.m. of porcelain tile in big sizes has been sold to DEUTSCHE-STEINZEUG of Cremer & Breuer (Germany) group. The plant consists of n° 1 single-channel kiln, 100.8 m. long, equipped for the particular production, n° 1 five-channel dryer, 18.9 m. long, n° 1 single-channel dryer in front of the kiln and a modern handling and storing system by System. The plant, whose delivery is scheduled by the end of this year, is starting the production by the end of February 2005. WELKO's positive trend of renewal in plant engineering and technology goes on and, thanks to its wide range of new presses of WK and WK/2 series, with span 1750 and 2250 mm, and the acknowledged performances of Picasso technology, regains more and more market shares.

  • 26/07/2004 - WELKO PRESS TO "BIALETTI INDUSTRIE": Following the updating programme of its product range, Welko has realized a new hydraulic press, mono-cylindric, for the production of aluminium pots, which has attracted the interest of the main world producers in the field. The first press, 5,000 ton., has already been sold to Bialetti Industrie, Coccaglio (BS), and is going to be delivered at the end of this year. Flexible, easily manageable, press WK 5000/S has been designed to represent a valid response to the new requirements of the market and producers in the field.

    Technical Characteristics :

    • Pressing force : 5,000 ton.
    • Distance between columns : 1,750 mm
    • Distance between crossbeam and table : 1,100 mm
    • Max. stroke of the mobile crossbeam : 400 mm
    • Power of pump motor : 160 kW
    • Max. speed: : 8.5 / 9.0 cycles/minute according to the product

  • 20/07/2004 - WELKO INVESTS IN THE FUTURE: The new technological laboratory for the study and development of new products, realized by WELKO in cooperation with TECNOGRAFICA, has become operative. The installation of the first plant in Castellarano, covering an area of about 2,000 m2, allows the production of tiles in big sizes in different shapes, by means of “PICASSO” system technology. The plant consists of a PICASSO system, a twin-piston WK2 press, 3,500 ton., span 2,250 mm., a horizontal dryer series WEO, a line for the wet-process application and it is going to be completed with a single-layer roller kiln. Many are the companies that have already requested to investigate on the technological possibilities of PICASSO system and have commissioned the study of new product ranges. The new company, TECNOGRAFICA SISTEMI WELKO S.p.A., has been purposely set up to grant the clients the necessary support for the development of chromatic and aesthetic effects on the products, availing itself of the well-known experience both of Tecnografica in the field of aesthetics and of Welko in the field of plant engineering, by means of the application of Picasso project technologies. In this way, the customer can benefit from a service of samplings and outfits that allows the demonstration of the new products, without engaging any part of the production lines.

  • 30/06/2004 - WELKO RECONQUERS CHINA: Chinese companies that would rather adopt the new WELKO pressing technology are more and more increasing. The new series WK and WK2 presses are more and more successful for both performance and reliability. As well as those already operating, other presses have recently been sold to prestigious customers for the production of porcelain tile in big sizes. WELKO has been present in the Chinese market for many years, with a structure operating all over its territory, and is able to warrant the assistance and maintenance of machinery in real time.

    The most recent clients, joining the historical ones, are the following:

    • OUYA N. 2 WK 5200
    • N. 5 WK 5500
    • CIMIC N. 2 WK 5500
    • XINTAOXING N. 2 WK 4600
    • XINZHONGYUAN N. 4 WK 3500
    • SHENGLIDA N. 2 WK 4200
    • LINYIJINGTAI N. 2 WK 4200

  • 12/05/2004 - New PCS System: natural stone reproduction with single loading system.
    It is the only system for feeding the powder to the press allowing the decoration on the tile soft body totally carried out outside the die, obtained by means of a single loading phase that does not cause any powder mixing.
    Thanks to its utmost flexibility, this system grants the true reproduction of a wide line of products ranging from the Structured Natural Stones to the Smoothed Polished Marbles.
    It is provided with different feedings forming the tile body by means of a base atomized...
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