After-sales technical service contract       
Detail of contract


Wear is a process taking place gradually; if it is stopped in time, it allows the control of costs and a long life to components.

The check-up preventive maintenance program consists of agreed services carried out by technicians who will prevent failures. Moreover, the program includes the foreseen work execution and a careful final check of functions.

At the end of the service, the technician in charge of the check-up preventive maintenance will draw up a report stating the potential recommended spare parts and /or services to be planned; moreover, he will record the service effected in the “Programmed Maintenance Book”.

The “Programmed Maintenance Book” is a register of operations, services and any potential updating effected on the machines. The purpose is to allow knowing the history of the machine at any time.


WORKS provided for: 

  1. Immediate telephone assistance
    A preventive telephone diagnosis will be given, aiming at finding the kind of failure, necessary to prepare the spare parts and required equipment, as well as to plan the service.

  2. Priorities of service
    The emergency first assistance provides for the arrival of the technician at the ceramic factory within the 3 hours subsequent to the receipt of the service written request for a failure on the machine (Italy) - 24 working hours for the countries outside Europe, where the entry visa is not required, if it is required, 24 working hours from receipt of the entry visa..

    Priority is given to requests covered by a contract of after-sales assistance.
    The service is carried out by skilled technicians.


WORKS provided for:

The after-sales service is carried out by specially skilled technicians, having a wide knowledge of the plant.

The service provides for the following: 

  • check-up of the ceramic factory
  • direct services suited for solving the specific problems of the machines
  • proposals of updating of machines
  • advising on spare parts orders.


The management personalized classes are carried out by skilled technicians.

The classes provide for the following:

  • Theoretical-practical lessons on press hydraulic circuit
  • Theoretical-practical lessons on press electric circuit
  • Theoretical-practical lessons on maintenance and production problems (solution to the various problems)
  • Theoretical-practical lessons on operation/management and maintenance of the kiln
  • Theoretical-practical lessons on operation and maintenance of material conveyance machines (various belts)
  • Theoretical-practical lessons on operation and maintenance of Welko-store machines.)


The technician of the after-sales assistance will inform the customer about possible updating brought to the machine.

The technician’s service shall concern only the labour required for the machine updating.


Travel expenses, round trip, are at customer’s charge.

The supplier’s technician cannot be assigned works which are beyond his competence or not clearly provided for by the instructions or not expressly authorized by the supplier case by case.

The tariffs of this contract do not include the services of exceptional kind which use special apparata.

The customer will supply at his charge and under his responsibility the auxiliary personnel and the technical aids, and will do the needful to guarantee that the work and relevant operations can be immediately started after the arrival of the personnel sent, and can be carried on without interruptions until their completion.

Any potential period of inactive wait is always meant being at customer’s charge.

Particularly, the customer shall arrange for the following:

complete all the necessary works, of any nature, before starting the works by the supplier’s technicians, and above all  guarantee whatever required to assure the safety of the personnel himself;
b) keep the necessary connections ready (light, power, water, etc.)
c) keep the necessary devices and tools ready, including the lifting means and internal transport;
d) transport the parts to be assembled to the site of service by suitable means, assuring a full protection to them;
e) sign the notes of the worked hours in the technician’s hands, so as to ascertain the hours performed by the technicians themselves.


During the periods of summer holidays (month of August) and winter holidays (last week of December and first week of January), the times and formalities of the service shall have to be agreed in advance with the chief of service.


The customer engages himself to perform and adopt all the safety measures and the necessary cautions to prevent accidents and to protect the physical integrity of technicians (having both managing functions and performing tasks) in conformity with the Italian law or the existing laws in force where the service takes place. Particularly, the customer commits himself to supply technicians (having both managing functions and performing tasks) with all those protection means (head safety helmet, defence means of other body parts, safety belts, etc.) which become necessary for the protection of the physical integrity of the workhand and the accident prevention in general.

The customer engages himself to: 

  1. advise the workers on the specific risks they are subjected to and let them know the prevention basic rules by means of posting in the work places or by any other means.

  2. Instruct and require that each worker observes the safety rules and uses the protection means that are put at his disposal

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